ROHM Labs 50mg Anavar Tablets Review

ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar, also known by its chemical name oxandrolone, is one of the most beneficial steroids, and has good reviews on the bodybuilding and muscle forums in the UK. It features some unique traits that make it a perfect choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking to boost athletic performance, build lean muscle, and gain optimum strength without adding body weight. Here’s more about the benefits of buying ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar tablets online.

ROHM 50 mg Anavar For Bodybuilders And Athletes

Increased Performance

Though ROHM 50 mg Anavar is now well suited for off-season mass gains, this mild oral steroid does provide a performance enhancing edge. Through its anabolic properties, it enhances the body’s natural process that repairs the micro-tears in muscle fibers that occur during intense workouts and also promotes regeneration of muscle tissue.

The steroid also promotes the number of red blood cells in the system. This maximizes post-workout recovery whilst enhancing endurance. By using this DHT derived steroid, you can recover faster from workouts faster and stronger.

What’s more, ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar has been shown to provide the drive and aggression needed to train harder and more frequently. This is the main reason why it’s highly appreciated by athletes who are always striving to improve their performances.

Increased Strength

ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar helps increase strength by creating and promoting the anabolic atmosphere required by the body’s muscle cells to produce more proteins, which along with the bodybuilder’s workouts, results in increased strength. The steroid also has a positive effect on red blood cells production, muscular endurance, and recovery and rejuvenation abilities – all of which are important factors for bodybuilders who undertake regular, intense exercises. The increases in recovery and endurance along with enhanced athletic performance will simply result in increased strength. Regardless of the purpose of use, all who supplement with oxandrolone will find their strength is greatly improved.


Though it’s an anabolic steroid, ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar can help you lose body fat. It’s one of the few anabolic steroids that directly promote fat-burning in the body. It achieves this by enhancing metabolism and promoting lipolysis. But of course, it must be combined with the right bodybuilding exercise routine and diet in order to provide results.

Preservation of Lean Muscle

Perhaps the main benefit of ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar is its ability to preserve lean muscle. It helps the bodybuilder to train harder, lose more calories and burn subcutaneous fat while preserving lean muscle and increasing strength.

This makes it easy for bodybuilders to achieve that ripped, toned, vascular look. Because of this outstanding ability, it has grown to become one of the most popular cutting steroids. Many bodybuilders use this steroid during the cutting phase and they’ve found it to be very useful in preserving lean muscle tissue when trying to burn more calories for a harder, more defined look. It allows them to shed body fat optimally and still maintain as much lean muscle as possible during caloric deficit.

Side Effect Friendly

ROHM Labs 50 mg Anavar is one of the mildest and most side effect friendly steroid available. It is very well-tolerated by both men and women, providing admirable side effect-to-benefit ratio. When used properly, it generally has no negative side effects. Being a derivative of DHT, it has no estrogenic activity and the associated side effects. It also lacks progestogenic activity, but may affect the endocrine system. What’s more, oxandrolone expresses the least amount of hepatotoxicity on the liver when compared with all other anabolic steroids. So the steroid is pretty safe when used as recommended.