Buy British Dispensary 5mg Anabol Tablets Online

The name British Dispensary Anabol from Thailand is synonymous with bodybuilders in the UK, mainly because it was one of the first steroids to reach the market and it showed results from the start. Bodybuilders in the USA from the 70’s will most likely tell you that Anabol 5mg pink tablets came as a heaven sent during that golden age and till today it is by far one of the most popular brands on the market. For gaining muscle and strength there are very few competing products that can really come close to providing bodybuilders with such amazing results.

Benefit No. 1 – Put away your Fear of Needles

Genuine 5mg Anabol isn’t just one of the first steroids to have graced the market, but it’s also the brand that implemented pills as an alternative to injections. The latter is a big reason why so many bodybuilders avoided using this type of enhancement, because you can’t really “overpower” the fear of needles. Even though injections are still available the convenience of pills became the most popular form of use. It’s easier to administer without having to settle for something less potent.

Benefit No. 2 – Increases Metabolic Activities

This is one of the most popular reasons why Anabol is a bodybuilder’s favorite. When digested it awakens a variety of metabolic activities and this leads to enhanced performance in a very short time. For athletes this becomes a great source of stamina, especially when it’s needed very quickly.

Benefit No. 3 – Binding Muscle Tissue and Burning Fat

When using Anabol 5mg tablets you are obviously going to increase your calorie intake, otherwise you are not going to enjoy the full potential it has to offer. Apart from burning those extra calories rather quickly, it binds muscle tissue in a very smart way. This basically means that your increased calorie intake along with the muscle binding effects greatly increases muscle size.

Benefit No. 4 – Nitrogen Retention

Anabol helps your body to retain nitrogen and as experienced bodybuilders  all know, this is very important for gaining muscle mass. For those who don’t know why nitrogen is so crucial, when you do intense exercises the body releases what is known as glucocorticosteroids. In more simple terms, the amount of nitrogen that is leaving the body exceeds the amount that stays behind. Anabol switches this process around, which ultimately leads to increased muscle mass.

Benefit No. 5 – Improves Muscle Tone

Another important factor for bodybuilders in Ireland is muscle tone, because what’s the use of extreme exercising if doesn’t look good? The better term to use is getting ripped and it happens in a shockingly short amount of time.

Benefit No. 6 – Quick Results

Most bodybuilders that stick to the recommended dosage report visible results within 2 weeks. There is simply no other safe steroid that can produce this type of results.

Benefit No. 7 – Increased Strength

If there is ever a moment in a bodybuilder’s life where he feels as strong as a superhero it’s when Anabol is used. It puts you in the position to take on a heavy workload that would normally be too much.

Benefit No. 8 – It is Extremely Safe and Legal

You don’t need a prescription to buy Anabol 5mg tablets online and it’s considered to be 100% safe. Although it has to be said that safety can only be ensured when the correct dosage is used. Abusing this powerful steroid can lead to unexpected problems. In addition to being safe it’s legal and can be bought online through reputable retailers.

Benefit No. 9 – Value for Money

When you start using Anabol you will quickly realize that you get a lot more than you pay for. It’s natural to be skeptical about online products that promise miracles, but thanks to the reputation of the developer, which goes back to the 1960’s, you can safely assume that Anabol is as effective as they come.

Benefit No. 10 – Minimal or No Side-Effects

There are very few cases where actual side-effects have been reported and it should also be said that these side-effects where minor in nature. As mentioned before, sticking to the correct dosage won’t lead to any nasty surprises.


The combination of benefits that come with the use of Anabol is exceptional to say the least. You won’t just feel healthier, but you will resemble an unstoppable powerhouse. It keeps you driven and focus while giving you strength in places you didn’t think you had muscles. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about needles or suffering from nasty side-effects typically associated with injectable steroids.