Cytomel is used to treat hypothyroidism and diagnosing hyperthyroidism. It is actually Liothyronine Sodium with Cytomel as a brand name. Genuine Cytomel T3 has no known side effects except some limited episodes of hyperthyroidism.

Here are the benefits of buying Cytomel T3 online:

Helps in weight loss

Use of Cytomel T3 tablets leads to weight loss. Low metabolism rate in hypothyroid individuals in the UK makes weight loss difficult to achieve.

When T3 tablets are involved, they speed up the metabolism which leads to the drop in body fat and eventual slimming. In fact, it has been found that T3 is more effective in shedding body fat through escalating metabolism than the T4 tablets.

Boosts basal metabolic rate

Hypothyroid patients in the UK tend to register a drop in metabolism due to low thyroid hormone level. In addition, they tend to undergo calorie restriction due to weight gain. A combination of calorie restriction and low thyroid hormone lowers the BMR of the patient. A prescription of T3 tablets helps normalize the normal basal metabolic rate.

Reduces the symptoms of hypothyroid

A drop in thyroid hormone in the body is manifested by weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hair loss etc. When Cytomel medication is taken, it is used up in cellular and tissue and boosts the level of thyroid in the hair follicles (thus reducing hair loss), skeletal muscle (thus increasing body metabolism and energy) and the brain (reducing brain fog and depression)

Increases body temperature

Hypothyroid patients experience low body temperatures for two reasons: the drop in Basal Metabolic Rate and the slow metabolism. Cytomel improves the body temperature by directly mediating energy in the mitochondria and burning the fat tissue.

Improves other hormone imbalances

One setback hypothyroid patients experience is the slow recovery process while undergoing treatment. This is brought about by an imbalance in other related hormones such as leptin and insulin resistance. When you buy Cytomel T3 online next day delivery with paypal, however, it helps in mediating leptin and insulin resistance thus creating the balance in the hormones.