If you’ve heard about original Nuptropin Yellow Top 120 iu HGH usage by bodybuilders in the UK, you may have wondered if it’s the right thing for you to try so you can build muscle and lose weight. By learning more about human growth hormones, as well as the benefits and side effects of taking them, you can make a stronger decision about whether this is the right path for you. Fat loss and increased muscle tone are the two largest reasons for taking Nuptropin HGH, although you may experience other benefits as well.

What is Nuptropin Yellow Top HGH?

Human growth hormones, commonly called HGH, are a hormone produced naturally in the body. The pituitary gland is the area in your body that controls how and when you grow. This gland manufactures the human growth hormone when it is time for a growth spurt. The hormone is most active during childhood and adolescence, but it may occur naturally at other times of your life as well. The synthetic form of this growth hormone is designed to imitate the natural form of the hormone. The synthetic form is identical to the hormone that your body makes, but it was made in a lab instead of in your own body.

Benefits of Using Nuptropin Yellow Top HGH

Human growth hormones go to work quickly, especially on the fat layer immediately below the skin. This fat, called subcutaneous, obscures your existing muscle tone. When the Nuptropin HGH first starts working, this layer of fat recedes and your muscles become more obvious. Once this initial fat loss begins, the Nuptropin HGH starts going to work on deeper stores of fat, resulting in an overall reduction in total body fat. While this is happening, muscle mass is gradually increasing. As you continue to work out and continue your regimen of Nuptropin HGH therapy, muscle mass continues to increase. Some users report that Nuptropin HGH works as an anti-aging therapy as well, however this will definitely vary from one person to another.

Dosage Suggestions

UK Bodybuilders often find multiple dosage recommendations for supplements. In the case of Nuptropin HGH, you don’t need to take the maximum recommended dosage in order to see the results you want to see. Many people find that sticking to the middle or lower end of the dosage spectrum actually produces faster, better results. Typical dosages are between 2 and 4 IU per day. You can take this dosage anywhere from six to 24 weeks without having to worry about negative effects. Continuous usage for long periods of time is not recommended for either fat loss or muscle growth, but you can alternate taking it and not taking it for periods of time to get the results you want.

Side Effects of Nuptropin Yellow Top HGH

Side effects with Nuptropin HGH are not common. Every person is different, however, so make sure that you pay attention to how you are feeling. Some side effects that you might encounter include:

Nerve, muscle or joint pain

Water retention or swelling

Numbness or tingling in your skin

Elevated cholesterol levels

Flu-like symptoms


With normal usage, you may not experience any of these symptoms. It pays to be aware of what you might experience, however, just in case. The chances of experiencing any side effects are lessened by taking smaller doses for shorter periods of time. If you plan to take Nuptropin HGH for longer time frames, you should calculate the dosage accordingly, always erring on the side of caution.

Use Human Growth Hormones Responsibly

More is not necessarily better, in this case. Many people find that the dosage of Nuptropin HGH that they need is lower than the maximum doses that are recommended. If you find that you are experiencing any of the negative side effects, make sure that you talk to your doctor right away. Using Nuptropin HGH responsibly is not going to cause irreparable harm, but you need to listen to what your body is telling you. In most cases, you merely need to use a smaller dosage to get the results that you want.

Until you try Nuptropin HGH for yourself, you’ll never know how quickly or how well it will work for you. By following common sense guidelines you’ll be able to safely work human growth hormones into your fitness routine. In no time at all, you’ll see huge results from having lost fat and built up muscle tone.