Everyone ages, but there are some people who will do almost anything to not look older. This includes undergoing surgery to have facelifts, using anti-aging serums to reduce wrinkles and age spots, or injecting human growth hormones to try to stay younger-looking. Vitex HGH therapies are gaining popularity among both men and women who want to reduce the signs of ageing on their bodies.

What Is Vitex HGH by Alpha Pharma?

Human growth hormone is the same hormone that promotes growth in children and adolescents. It is produced by the pituitary gland, but as people age, especially once they’ve reached their full height, the body slows down the production of this hormone. Some research has indicated that some of the effects of ageing brought about by the decrease of HGH in the body can be reversed with Vitex human growth hormone injections, or by taking other forms of HGH.

Vitex HGH Injection Therapy

Vitex Injections are used to replace the hormone that is naturally lost as people age, and which results in losing muscle mass, weight gain, thinning hair and drooping or sagging skin. However, some studies have shown that men who took injections of the hormone showed improvements in the thickness of both their hair and skin. Over 60% of men in these studies saw a reduction in wrinkles, which helped make them appear younger.

Improved Sex Drive

Another effect of ageing is the decrease of libido in both men and women. Men are especially affected as they get older because they have trouble getting and sustaining erections. Studies done on the anti-ageing effects of Vitex HGH injections have shown improved sex drives in both men and women. However, older men showed up to a 75% improvement in their libidos after using this hormone replacement therapy.

Health Improvements

Along with improvements seen in the skin, hair and sex drive of people who take the hormone injections, there is evidence they can help improve some health conditions as well. The hormone replacement therapy helps improve both lung and cardiac function. These benefits have resulted in lowering blood pressure in study participants.

Along with lowering the diastolic blood pressure reading by as much as 10%, the improvements in cardiac function have also helped improve cholesterol levels. The LDL, or “bad” cholesterol was reduced, while “good” cholesterol, or HDL, levels improved. The hormone also helped reverse heart failure in some patients who were given the Vitex injections in studies.

Mood and Sleep Improvements

Studies conducted using human growth hormone showed that it helped people feel better mentally by acting almost as an anti-depressant. It also helped reduce stress, increased concentration and focus, and improved sleep patterns in people. Those on the Vitex hormone were able to relax and fall into a deeper, sounder sleep, which also acts to improve moods.

Although there is some controversy surrounding its use, Vitex human growth hormone injections have shown to be useful in boosting the libido in older people and reducing other anti-ageing effects. If you are concerned about the effects of ageing, this therapy may help you.