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Buying steroids online has become very popular over the years in the gyms and Primobolan 100mg injections by Magnum Pharmaceuticals of Thailand have become one of the most used steroids especially among women. However, you will find out that each and every type of steroid will have its own side effects depending on the ingredients used to make it as well as how often you use it. Magnum 100mg Primobolan injectable is one of the safest steroids in the market but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any side effects. The best thing about the steroids is that they don’t have some of the common anabolic steroid related side-effects. You will also find that side-effects like water retention as well as bloating are quite rare and gynecomestia is usually of no concern.

However, just like any other steroid, Magnum Pharma Primo 100 is known to cause hair loss. What you need to understand about going bald is that steroids that promote hair loss don’t necessarily make you go bald but if you were predisposed to such a condition then the steroids will just speed up the hair loss process. The steroids are known to cause hair loss and virilization especially among women but there is usually very little concern when it comes to suppression of testosterone production.

There has been a popular belief that buying Magnum Pharma Primo 100mg injections online does suppress testosterone production. You will find that most of the steroids have different levels of harshness when it comes to testosterone suppression and Primo 100 is no exception. Usually, you will find that about 25mg of steroids can suppress the testosterones production by even 50% which means that trying to bridge with the steroids will be a bad idea.

Considering that the Magnum Pharma Primo 100 injection is very weak most men will be required to take quite a bit in order for them to start noticing some changes. You will find that most men are usually disappointed but the problem is usually that they did not take enough. A man will have to take larger amounts of the oral version of the steroids in order for them to reap the benefits as if they were taking the injection version. Some people may find the 500mg of steroids per week to be an overdose and unlike where you are required to take the steroids for 8 weeks with the Magnum primo 100 you will be required to take it for about 12 weeks or even more in order to start noticing some changes.

For female athletes, you will find that either the oral or injection version will be effective but the injection is usually more effective. Other than that, most women will prefer the injection because the effects are noticed in a short while as compared to the injection. Most women will be required to use the steroids for about 4-6 weeks in order for the virilization not to occur. You will be required to take the steroids for four weeks then followed by a two weeks break and then followed by another 4 weeks if you think it is necessary. However, if virilization begins to show you should stop taking Magnum Primo 100 no matter what week you are in. If you find the 100mg dosage per week to be more than enough and thus you can always reduce it to 50mg.

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